The FLYTOP seminars are flight safety seminars with a special focus on error culture and communication. They are performed by an experienced team of psychologists and flight instructors and involve all of the club, including the pilots' spouses. Specific courses for flight instructor training and ‹cadre training› for the club's management team complement FLYTOP-Club.

A feedback about FLYTOP-Club from Paterzell, which pleased us: «We should have employed this method long ago. Thank you!»

FLYTOP courses are sponsored by the BAZL in Switzerland and by the parental organization in parts of Germany; therefore, in most cases the club only has to care for suitable premises and catering. A very important condition, however, which is also strictly supervised, is extensive participation of the club members. We require 80% of the club members and all of the club's management team to participate in the seminar, to gain the required effect. For detailed information about the requirements for a FLYTOP course, see here.

This is emphasised by another voice from Paterzell, where we successfully completed a FLYTOP-Club course: «I think it's shameful, that not everybody is here. Some of them with flimsy excuses.»