During years of experience, almost a century in gliding since the first hops of brave pioneers, proven procedures have evolved, which counteract the most important hazards in gliding. Those are not only passed on from flight instructors to pilot trainees, but also laid down as regulation or club rule. Violating such rules will be punished.

We call this kind of flight safety static flight safety or rective flight safety. ‹Reactive›, because rules and regulations often arose from accidents.

Today, the biggest issues have been addressed, regulations are fine-tuned, weather is rarely a factor, and so are technical problems. Almost all accidents nowadays can be tracked to the human factor. Contributing are circumstances in the ‹system› gliding, which are rarely investigated after accidents.

The FLYTOP Competition course is designed to mitigate this weakness and address the peculiarities of the ‹system› gliding in a competition situation.