Is there anything to do for a spouse, except hoping or praying that nothing happens and he/she returns safely from the airfield, the flying expedition, or the competition?—Yes, there is!

Flight Safety as Entire System

As «externals», spouses of pilots constitue an important element for flight safety for two reasons:

Like everywhere, also airfields are prone to «operational blindness». Doing something like it's always done does not imply doing it safely. But you do not only have to recognize this condition, you also have to convince the long-established senior pilots with your arguments.

Most pilots are technically interested people, which doesn't necessarily implies superior communication skills. This demands the pilots' spouses, in particular if they have different fields of interest, and their communication skills.

Combining these two factors promises a significant increase in saftey, but to have the spouses understand the peculiarities of flight operations and to have the pilots regard the ‹pedestrians'› advice, an introduction into the relation of communication and safety is necessary. This introduction is provided by the FLYTOP-Club course.